Bertrand Delacretaz

Bertrand Delacretaz is a Senior Developer in the Day R&D team at Adobe, and an Apache Software Foundation member and board member.

Quick Facts

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, sailing, skiing, music and way too many
other things
Passionate about: Meaningful software that works, open source software
development and communities


Bertrand Delacretaz works as a Senior Developer in the Day R&D team of Adobe, using open source tools to create world-class content management systems and frameworks. Bertrand is an active member and director of the Apache Software Foundation, involved in a number of Apache projects as a committer, PMC member and incubation mentor.


Prompted by a colleague’s question about profiling the startup time of Apache Sling systems, I vaguely remembered writing something a while ago, but couldn’t find it immediately.
Funny how one’s memory works – it took me a...

From the very useful tools department: today I stumbled on jq, via Jeroen Janssen’s 7 command-line tools for data science blog post.