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  • 13 Jul 2012
    Analyzing Medical Records with Apache Stanbol

    This blog describes a use case of analyzing medical records using Apache Stanbol. For more details, please read...

  • 12 Jul 2012
    Linked Media Framework 2.2 with Apache Stanbol Integration

    Last week we released version 2.2 of our Linked Media Framework (LMF). The LMF is our Open Source Linked Data Server with a rich collection of extension modules, ranging...

  • 12 Jul 2012
    Video: Decoupling Content Management

    Our concept of Decoupled Content Management, together with the VIE and Create.js is really taking off. I’ve spent...

  • 12 Jul 2012
    UIMA-Apache Stanbol Integration

    The Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) is a content analytics framework that was initiated by IBM Research. 7-8 years ago they envisaged a system that would analyze every kind of unstructured information – text, rich text, pictures, video, audio, etc. – and...

  • 11 Jul 2012
    Create.js Update: Documentation, Hackathon, DrupalCon

    Create.js is our take on modern web editing built on semantic technologies and the ideas of Decoupled Content Management.
    With Create, CMS developers can...

  • 11 Jul 2012
    DBpedia Spotlight – Integration in Apache Stanbol

    With the variety of content management systems (CMS) out there, it has become very easy to publish content on the web, even manage a community website, with no programming or web design skills required. Thus the volume of user or publisher generated content is rapidly increasing, and the...

  • 10 Jul 2012
    Moving towards graduation of Apache Stanbol – Our Story

    Apache Stanbol is one of the great open-source projects that was founded during the lifetime of IKS project. Apache Stanbol has currently...

  • 09 Jul 2012
    Zaizi present Alfresco Semantic Solution at IKS Semantic Enterprise Technology Workshop

    Zaizi recently participated in the 7th IKS workshop that took place in Salzburg, Austria on 12-13 June. We joined the IKS community to share our experience in the use of Semantic...

  • 05 Jul 2012
    IKS Technology Stack – Introduction and Overview Video

    The IKS community workshop in Salzburg was a great event. As a member of the IKS project it was very inspiring to see all those CMS people who are really interested in the IKS...

  • 04 Jul 2012
    The Enterprise Search Market – What should be on your radar? Keynote IKS 2012 Workshop

    I thoroughly enjoyed speaking and interacting with the attendees at this years IKS workshop. This sector does not get that much attention, and has fallen a long way from the spotlight that it had on it in the dot com era. Yet I left with much to think about, and encouraged that there are so many...