Intelligent Project Controlling Tool

We report on the design and implementation of the first IKS Use Case: "Intelligent Project Controlling Tool" (IPCT). We demonstrate the design of a Web-based project reporting tool using HTML5 features. The tool includes the interaction stubs needed to access relevant information sources, which then assist in aggregating the necessary information items so that they become content for the report. We employ Jackson's Problem Frames as requirements methodology to extract the necessary domain specific knowledge. We separate the knowledge model into three distinct abstraction layers: foundational, content management specific, application domain specific.

The software demonstrator started with industry-strength technologies that are being used by CMS technology providers from HTML5 set of standards down to NoSQL databases with map/reduce support. This is found to be adequate and sufficient for an effective, yet knowledge-based representation of base data. The IPCT use case was meant to serve a dual function: on the one hand, it was planned to be the first application of the IKS Stack and on the other hand, it was meant to also explore plausible alternatives to “received wisdom” in semantic web technology. We demonstrate that JSON data structures often suffice to adequately represent an application domain, that business rules can be re-formulated as map/reduce functions and that work flows can be supported by faceted search combined with editable content that is structured using some ontological paterns. The domain models need not necessarily be expressed using description logic. Based on the Alpha-implementation of the IKS Stack, we explored how semantic web technologies can extend the current industrial technology stacks. The IPCT use case contrasts with the parallel, Ambient Intelligence use case of IKS where semantic web technology was used throughout. Thus, the two use cases show the range of options available to developers when implementing functionality for semantic content management.