Welcome to IKS Demos, here you can run demos of IKS software as well download pre-builts of our software components.

IKS Demos

These demos are running versions of our “semantic engine” (Apache Stanbol (incubating)) and our framework to provide suppport for web frontends: VIE.

Apache Stanbol
Apache Stanbol Online Test Version

Apache Stanbol is an Open Source HTTP service to help Content Management System developers semi-automatically enhance unstructured content (text, image, …) with related entities and links.

VIE Framework & Widgets Front-end Technologies
VIE is a JavaScript library for implementing semantic interaction in web applications

Annotate.js – provides in-text editing support

Bookmarklet for live annotation of webcontent

VIE autocomplete widget for easy entity lookup definition for form fields

Application Demonstrators


Createjs from the Midgard Project is a comprehensive web editing interface for Content Management Systems. It is designed to provide a modern, fully browser-based HTML5 environment for managing content. Create can be adapted to work on almost any content management backend.

Hallo editor

A distraction-free writing for the web. Hallo is the simplest web editor imaginable. Instead of cluttered forms or toolbars, you edit your web content as it is. Just you, your web design, and your content. Actually, this text you’re reading has Hallo loaded. To try it out, just click here and start writing. If you want to make more comprehensive modifications, just select some text.


Palsu is an online collaborative meeting tool. Instead of each participant keeping their own meeting notes, we transform the meeting to a conversation where everybody can add their remarks as the meeting progresses. Meeting notes can be used to add tasks and mention people related to the meeting.


terkait analyzes semantic objects on a webpage and presents related content.
terkait uses semantic services to analyze the content on your webpage in order to present related content, e.g., images, videos or news articles to you. By default, the top 5 relevant entities that have been extracted are shown and filtered for persons and places which can be configured through the options pane.


Aemoo supports exploratory search over the Web. Through a simple keyword-based search interface, users can query Aemoo about the linking network of any entity, which is collected by aggregating knowledge from diverse sources such as linked data, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Google New


FRED is a tool for automatically producing RDF/OWL ontologies and linked data from natural language sentences. The method is based on Combinatory Categorial Grammar, Discourse Representation Theory, Linguistic Frames, and Ontology Design Patterns. Results are enriched with Named Entity Resolution (NER) and Word-Sense Disambiguation (WSD). A paper describing FRED has been published at EKAW 2012 [1] (please refer to it in scientific publications).

[1] V. Presutti, F. Draicchio, A. Gangemi: Knowledge Extraction Based on Discourse Representation Theory and Linguistic Frames. In Proceedings of Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management – 18th International Conference, EKAW 2012: pp. 114-129. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7603 Springer 2012, ISBN 978-3-642-33875-5.


Tìpalo uses FRED and automatically assigns types to Wikipedia entities. Given a Wikipedia page URI, the tool returns an RDF graph composed of rdf:type, rdfs:subClassOf, owl:sameAs, and owl:equivalentTo statements providing typing information about the entity referred by the Wikipedia page. A paper describing FRED has been published at ISWC 2012 [1] (please refer to it in scientific publications).

[1] A. Gangemi, A. G. Nuzzolese, V. Presutti, F. Draicchio, A. Musetti, P. Ciancarini: Automatic Typing of DBpedia Entities. In Proceedings (Part I) of The emantic Web – 11th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2012: pp. 65-81. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7649 Springer 2012, ISBN 978-3-642-35175-4.

Applicaton Showcases

Polymedia Multimedia Showcase

During 2011 Polymedia was acquired by KIT digital.

This demonstrator has been designed and developed as part of the industrial showcase work in IKS. The use case workflow foresees two actors: the publisher, using the Polymedia/KIT Cloud Video Editor in order to prepare the chosen video by adding semantic tags and the user, consuming the considered video thanks to a semantic player capable of re-producing the multimedia content while interpreting the tags in real-time. The combination of both these features will be used to present pictures or articles linked to the current scene. This demonstrator currently leverages on the following components developed in IKS: Semantic Video Annotation Services (Editor + Player), VIE Image widget (Player)

Pisano eTourism Showcase

This website shows the integration of semantic technologies into the packagemaster system, in terms of a tourist use-case scenario.

The new semantic funtions should help product managers to analyse hotel informations and tour descriptions, and from this retrieve the information automatically.

The objective is to generate additional information simply and to save tour attributes. An important goal is to reduce the time spent on data management by product managers and to improve the quality of tour content. The Demonstrator is a prototype packagemaster system with IKS Components.. It shows the capabilities of semantic text enhancements with the Apache Stanbol software and new onsite editing functionality with the VIE Widget.


The “Intelligent Bathroom”

Within the scope of the project IKS an “intelligent bathroom” has been developed at chair ISS in cooperation with several partners. The bathroom, which has been developed as Ubiquitous Information System (UIS), stands for the vision of interactive knowledge. The following videos, slide shows and posters present the prototype and provide an insight into the technical backgrounds.

The intelligent bathroom merges enhanced content- and knowledge-management-technologies with developments from coming of the field of “ambient intelligence” and the internet of things. Therefore a new designing method (SiDIS) for interactive, knowledge based environments has been developed. Thus, an intelligent environment was created, which is supported by interactive knowledge resting upon previously defined requirements.

German Version:

Nuxeo (Horizontal application of IKS)

Nuxeo has been integrated to leverage Apache Stanbol services for entity indexing, detection and automated linking in the context of the News and Media Industry. This work is demonstrated online with content provided by the Agence France Press and integrated with tools from our Partner Temis:

Try It! Access codes: (demo / demo)

This demo is in particular leveraging most of the Stanbol Enhancer and EntityHub infrastructure.

Semantic Indexing and Search with Apache Stanbol

In this demo, we will introduce our semantic indexing and search demonstration that we have built in the scope of IKS project. In very general terms, this demonstration shows semantically enhancement of already existing documents contained within a content management system(CMS); semantic indexing of those documents considering characteristics of a particular domain which the CMS documents belongs to and search over the indexed documents. Before going into the details of the demonstration, we would like to give a brief overview about the IKS and Apache Stanbol projects. After that we will give detailed steps of the demonstration.