Early Adopter Programme

The early-adopters will be able to validate the various versions of the IKS stack and especially the various components. Components will be available across the layers of the stack from the persistence to the user interaction layer. Such components will include for example a semantic engine to manage ontologies and knowledge models, a semantic editor and a semantic content enrichment engine.

The IKS Stack software will be released in three major iterations. According to the development roadmap the IKS will build an Alpha (2010), Beta (2011) and final release (2012) of a reference implementation of the envisaged Interactive Knowledge Stack. The timeline for the releases and evaluation by external early-adopters is listed below.

Early Adopter Demonstrations

The total number of early adopter contracts signed as part of the IKS Early Adopters Programme amounts to 36 plus the 5 from the UI/X Challenge – this represents a total of 41 IKS early adopters. Despite the maturing nature of the IKS technology during the 3 years of development the challenge remained that early adopters were asked to validate a “moving target”, which also meant that documentation of the software components lagged behind the latest developments. The great work of the IKS development teams helped to overcome this to a certain extent with individual support and consultation. As one early adopter put it “Enough information was provided at the workshops / wiki to implement the functionalities. The IKS team answered questions quickly.” Most of this support took place directly on the development mailing lists i.e. Apache Stanbol Development Mailing list and the VIE/IKS Google Groups mailing list.

Of the 41 early adopters: 7 were CMS Vendors, 13 CMS integrators, 12 Tool Providers, 4 End-users and 5 as part of the UI/X Challenge. The loose term CMS is applied here simply for ease of use. This term however extends to include document management systems, web content management systems, groupware, and more process oriented content management systems.