Interactive Knowledge Stack

The Interactive Knowledge Stack describes the main vision of the IKS project, a layered architecture for semantic content management. Its Alpha release (2010) focused on the technical infrastructure and basic services. The Beta release (2011) concentrates on presentation and user interaction by exploiting the basic services. The final release will provide a stack of semantic features ready for use in content management systems.

The Interactive Knowledge Stack consists of eight layers, which here are simplified to 4 major layers:

Interaction and Presentation

  • User centred interaction with Knowledge Objects:
 Components which directly manipulate a graphical representation of some knowledge.
  • Presentation, Modality & Discourse Patterns:
 Components which parametrize the presentation and/or the interaction with the user.

Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge Repository for dynamic models (Rules & Reasoning):
 Components which in some way, influence the dynamic behaviour (e.g. workflow, business process)
  • Knowledge Representation for static models (Schemas & Ontologies):
 Components which are used for structuring information, data, instances, …

Distrubution, Interperation, Lifting

  • Distribution: Transaction & Services:
Components which ensure the working of the system in a heterogeneous, distributed, and federated network.
  • Data Access: High-level DDLs, Query languages & APIs:
Components which guarantee access to repositories of data, knowledge, media, …


  • Models of Persistence (Relational, Object-Oriented, Triple-Stores, …):
 Components which offer database functions, e.g. transactions, roll-back, warehousing, …
  • Entity Identifier Systems, Operating Systems, etc.:
 Components which ensure global object identity, versioning, detection of multiple copies, etc

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