Vienna IKS Editables

VIE, or Vienna IKS Editables is a project to make the content of your web pages editable through annotations. This means that by simply including some RDFa on your pages you can built rich user interactions and interfaces on the JavaScript level.

The objective of the VIE Project is to ease the development of semantic web applications on the user interaction level. The project started in February 2011 during the IKS Semantic Interaction Framework Workshop in Vienna and meanwhile comprises several sub-projects: the core VIE library, a number of semantic user interface widgets and a set of applications that build upon these technologies.

The development of web-applications for the semantic web is a hard process that usually involves several experts to work together. Especially when the benefits of the various semantic data needs to be visible to the user. However, when looking at such applications, we can easily identify different classes of semantic interaction patterns that are re-used in one way or another throughout the applications (e.g., “querying a database”, “accessing a semantic service”, …). We analyzed these patterns and collaborated closely with partners from the CMS world to support web-applications when relying on such patterns.

The outcome of this work is an open-source, MIT-licensed JavaScript library called VIE (Vienna IKS Editables).

The basic concepts of VIE are described in Decoupling Content Management and Using RDFa to make a web page editable blog posts.